February 2020 - Present
In Development
Caleb Vaccaro
Daniel Koester
Jack Frate
Benjamin Gallegos
Lana Grygier

Astronomical LLC
MAGIC Spell Studios
My Role
Lead Industrial Designer
Project Overview
Created by Astronomical and originally funded by Magic Spell Studios, CyberSurfer pushes the boundaries of virtual reality gaming with new hardware and software that developers can use to deliver a more immersive experience. CyberSurfer involves a board apparatus allowing for a grounded experience in a new genre of skateboarding type games.

Players of CyberSurfer will be able to race on a virtual hoverboard through a world torn by anomalies where racers can gain glory, fame, money, and power. Taking inspiration from games like SSX, and Sonic Riders, the game enables players to maneuver, thrust, and zoom throughout space and time to feel weightless above the ground.

The game system is currently undergoing research and development for a production-type product to ship CyberSurfer out to gaming arcades around the world. Get ready to hop on the hoverboard yourself and fly to be the fastest in the void!
Development Logs & Demos
Prototyping: Physical
Starting with lots of research, a phone, and some skateboard parts, we created our first few prototypes. The goal was to try and match how it would feel to move through the game. At this point, it was most important to have something to internally test on so that we could continue building the game software.

We then created a nicer wooden mockup of the board apparatus and added safety bars. It's a custom, longer deck shaped in the CyberSurfer style, and uses ergonomics to help with comfort and grip. This prototype uses the correct software pieces as well and no longer has a phone attached. With the added safety and better in-game feel we began to do user testing.

The board is undergoing even more testing and changes now.  Production of the very first consumer version is currently the primary goal.
Map Improvements
We started with basic geometric forms for initial play-testing and experimentation. We then made our way to creating a cyber city, that has buildings, tunnels, a full track, and more. It's exciting to watch user tests and is more accurate when looking to see how users react in an increasingly immersive game world. Soon we will add more amazing art and crazy ideas for the eventual first consumer release. Our maps will help make the player feel like they are truly flying in the "void."